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Mix of Antwerp takes you to:
Seefhoek, Borgerhout vs. Zurenborg & Oude Noorderdokken

This tour combines two diametrically opposed worlds. In the Seefhoek & Borgerhout area you are assured of a multicultural vibe among the many small streets and squares. The street life is vibrant wherever you look and the neighbourhoods are very socially active. Housing is dense and the streets are laid out in an extremely quirky manner. A sociable buzz and colourful street life characterise these areas.

Zurenborg is a neighbourhood where the Belle Époque reigned supreme. By 1882 the upper middle class, the wealthy merchants and notorious bankers were looking for a tranquil area to call home, away from the busy city and its filthy rivers. It was in Zurenborg that they found the space, security and order that was lacking in the city. A wide range of homes was constructed there, from neoclassical to Art Nouveau to town houses – the only requirement was that they looked grandiose. The streets of Zurenborg were also laid out with much forethought, and absolutely nothing in Zurenborg is accidental, with everything having a reason. These are architectural gems at their very best.

Due to technical limitations of the vehicle Voyage Local is not able to provide transport for wheelchair-users and pushchairs.

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Pricing & Booking

Reservations up to 4 persons: 30 EUR / person
Reservations up to 6 persons: 27,5 EUR / person
Reservations up to 8 persons: 25 EUR / person
Reservations + 8 persons only possible on private tour
Children up to 6 years = FREE
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Max. 8 persons

Departure Times:
(week) morning and afternoon: hours upon request
(weekend) 10:30h – 12:45h – 15:00h
The duration of this tour is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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