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Discover the true Antwerp

To Voyage Local each of Antwerp’s suburbs is like a village. After the medieval city walls were dismantled, hamlets and parishes were merged with the city. They continued to evolve, and all have their own unique identities, which grew out of their history. None of them are just “there” – they all exist for a reason.

Each of the tours tells a different story. They shed light on the formation and evolution of the local neighbourhoods and districts of the City of Biscuits. Without these boroughs and districts, Antwerp could never have grown into the city it is today.

They are the secret to the success of the Antwerp biscuit and chocolate factories, breweries and ports. Come and explore with us – our tours are an unmissable part of any visit to the city of Antwerp. There’s so much to discover …

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What will you be missing out during a visit to Antwerp if you don’t book a tour from Voyage Local?

You’ll discover streets, squares and buildings in an extraordinarily wide array of city neighbourhoods, getting of the beaten path to discover Antwerp from a very different perspective.

We’ll tell you all about how neighbourhoods and districts sprung up and grew, entertaining you with little-known stories.

The tour is conducted in a beautiful vintage car, allowing you to discover a very large part of the city in a short space of time.

We’ll also advise you about great cafes, chocolatiers and coffee shops that have a lot of ‘local’ colour.

Voyage Local tours focus on geographical zones outside of the touristic centre of Antwerp. That’s because Antwerp has so much more to offer than the standard tourist traps.

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